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Over the years, we have also participated in a number of research projects, including those listed below

Breakthrough research – in conjunction with Hull University and  Hull Women’s Network Ltd

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Pdf documents detailing the research can be downloaded from these links:

Breakthrough Research document 1

Breakthrough Research document 2

Breakthrough Research document 3

Breakthrough Research document 4

Breakthrough Research document 5

The aim of the ‘Breakthrough’ Research Project was to explore women’s life histories and experiences specifically in relation to education and employment trajectories throughout the Yorkshire and Humber Region. The project ran from April 2006 until December 2007 and was funded by the European Social Fund, The Learning and Skills Council and Hull Women’s Network.

Although it is generally acknowledged that women face barriers and challenges leading to inequalities at all levels in our society, the underlying causes of these are more difficult to agree upon. This research provides a qualitative focus on women’s voices and experiences, contributing to the future planning, policy and delivery of services for women in the region.