Our national work


We have been working recently with Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC) and Big Society Capital to develop new ways of funding housing work for women fleeing violence and abuse

We co-produced a new loan finance product with SASC which helped us to draw down £2 million to buy 33 properties across the city of Hull which provide new homes for women rebuilding their lives after the trauma of violence and abuse. This product has been so successful that it has been taken up by other organisations around the country to help them in their work to provide housing for many different client groups.

You can read more about SASC’s work here

As well as developing new products with SASC, we have been working with Big Society Capital (a national provider of social investment funds) to advise on the development of their new Vulnerable Women’s Housing Fund, due to be launched later in 2019

Below is a video clip of our Treasurer Lisa Hilder, explaining a bit more about the women’s centre’s work and how we are contributing to addressing gender disadvantage locally and nationally

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