Safe as Houses

In light of the current Covid-19 advice from the Government Purplehouse will continue to provide services, however most of this will be done over the phone. Please contact us on 01482 790310 we will take some details and may have to ring you back. If you have a support worker here please ring them on the mobile number they have provided to you. Alternately please use this link to use our automated contact service.

Safe as Houses – launched as part of Hull Business Week June 2015

If you have a property to let or around £12,000 to invest and are looking for an opportunity to create a return ethically and help out a family in need, then read on…….

The Umbrella Housing service managed by WINNER supports landlords and potential landlords to find properties that will house women and children in need.

We offer low cost accommodation to women and children at Local Housing Allowance rental rates. This is also attractive to potential landlords as the purchase price of suitable property in Hull is extremely competitive. For example a two bedroomed terraced house in a popular rental area typically costs around £50,000. This means that the rental income on the property more than covers all the mortgage repayments and ongoing costs of insurance, repairs and maintenance.

Click here to download  a fact sheet of the initiative and some information on the financial returns

How does it work?

You get:

  • A buy to let property generating an income for you year on year
  • A fully managed service with no stress or additional work
  • Long term capital growth on the value of your property

The family gets:

  • A safe, affordable home to live in with ongoing support from the women’s centre

We get:

  • A competitively priced income for managing your property (£50 per calendar month)

The management service we offer includes:

  • Sourcing and interviewing prospective tenants
  • Handling all queries
  • Rent collection, repairs and support needs.

Our void rates are consistent at less than half of one percent each year (0.5% per annum) and we can often fill your property on the same day it is vacated. If you are interested in our management service then please e-mail