Our Funders

Winner, the Preston Road Women’s Centre relies on the generous support of a variety of funders to continue to deliver our high quality services to women and children in Hull. We are proud to have the confidence of both local and national funders.

Some of the organisations that support us include:

Hull City Council

We hold a contract with Hull City Council who commission us to deliver support to women experiencing and escaping domestic violence and abuse. We have successfully held this contract since 2009

Children in Need


Children in Need funds one of our Nursery workers to work with children affected by domestic violence and abuse. It also funds our young women’s project, helping young women get involved in their community, learn new skills and confidence and aim high in life.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief funds three workers in our Domestic Abuse team who work with women struggling with substance misuse and addiction and women with no recourse to public funds who are also fleeing domestic Abuse

The Smallwood Trust

The Smallwood Trust helps to fund our training courses for women

The Coutts Foundation

The Coutts Foundation helps to fund the core running costs of our organisation and free up our time to help other women’s organisations elsewhere in the UK so we can extend the way we work and the benefit that comes from it.

Lloyds Foundation

The Lloyds Foundation is funding our Surviving and Thriving Network – our work to bring together women’s organisations who are using social investment and social enterprise methods of funding their work

The Nationwide Foundation

The Nationwide Foundation is helping to fund our housing service and in particular our social lettings agency, Safe as Houses where we work with private landlords to provide safe homes for women in need.

Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC)

SASC have supported our property work with capital funding to expand our portfolio and create more safe homes for women and children fleeing violence and abuse

The Clothworkers Foundation

The Clothworkers Foundation funds us to work with women’s sector organisations across the UK to help them develop their own safe accommodation for women in need