Preston Road Women’s Centre is a local charity providing a range of specialist services enabling women and children to get back on their feet after domestic violence or other traumatic life events.

In this difficult financial climate, the services are experiencing increased demand with no additional funding to increase the help we can offer.

If you were in a position to make even a small donation, your generosity could make a big difference to a family in dire straits:

  • £5 could provide a food parcel for a family fleeing violence
  • £10 could provide a Nursery place for a child whilst Mum receives confidential support
  • £25 could provide an individualised safety plan for a family experiencing ongoing harassment


One-off donations or regular monthly payments can be made online by going to


If you shop online you can help us raise funds simply by clicking here. Just go to this site and from there link in to your usual online providers. You get your normal price for everything and we get a percentage of the earnings from the provider. As simple as that, it costs you nothing and the provider are so happy to get your business they pay us a commission . If you shop online a lot, why not make this your homepage so that every time you buy something, you can be donating at the same time?

By post

If you would like to support our work by making a donation, we would be happy to receive your cheque. Please make it payable to:

Preston Road Women’s Centre
60-62 Preston Road

Standing Order

Individuals can make a donation through their bank which will be topped up by the Inland Revenue via the gift aid scheme.

This means that for every £1 you donate, the Inland Revenue will also donate the income tax you have paid on it. e.g If you donate £10, we will receive £12.30 Click here for a standing order instruction form for your bank.

Making a regular donation helps WINNER to know more accurately how much money is coming in and to plan how it can be used most effectively.

Inland Revenue Gift Aid scheme

To help us make the most of your donation, we can claim back any income tax you have paid on your donation, through the Inland Revenue’s Gift Aid Scheme. All you need to do is to give your name and address when you make your donation and we will do the rest. Click here for Gift Aid form.

Remembering us in your will

If you are currently thinking of making a will, you might like to consider making a bequest to the women’s centre. Remembering us in your will is a way for you to ensure that your money will help others when you have passed on.