The Purple House Nursery is part of Preston Road Women's Centre and underpins its services. We are a small, friendly and homely nursery where your children can have fun, learn and play in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our experienced nursery practitioners are qualified and dedicated but above all have a genuine passion for working with young children.

We provide high quality care and early learning for children by filling their days with fun activities, lots of laughter, singing, making friends and choosing how and when they play and learn. Our activities are planned and evaluated using The Early Years Foundation Stage.

Their “Education" is provided in such a unique way that the children don’t realise they are "Learning", they are too busy having “fun”.

We are sponsored by BBC Children In Need and take immense pride in being able to offer a safe and supportive environment to vulnerable children experiencing crisis. Our specialist nursery practitioners plan "Therapeutic" or "Talking and Playing" sessions which enable children to recover from, or at least improve some of the effects of exposure to family crisis.

We also offer a crèche service to women accessing the centre’s training courses and services (this is subject to funding). We offer a limited number of nursery funded places to 2 year olds.

We are registered with Ofsted to provide care and early learning for a maximum of 18 children. This small number ensures our children receive one to one attention and soon become part of our unique little family at Purple House. We work closely with parents and professionals to ensure we build positive relationships which naturally enhance the children's learning and development.

In our latest Ofsted Inspection in February 2015 we achieved GOOD” overall, with 2 GOOD and 1 OUTSTANDING, narrowly missing out on outstanding overall!!

This is a fantastic achievement for a small not for profit nursery and is testament to the nursery staff who work tirelessly to improve outcomes for all children. In 2011 we achieved Steps to Quality Award “Step One”.

We have 2 rooms and an outdoor play area for your little ones to enjoy and explore.

Nursery Opening Times:

The nursery is open 46 weeks a year.

Monday to Friday 9:30 am till 3pm.

Nursery Prices

Full Day £30

Half Day £15

Early Education Nursery places are now available for all age groups but are limited.

For more information please speak to our nursery team or call on 01482 790310

Use the booking form on this page or call us to reserve a Nursery place.

Nursery Contact Form

    If you would like more information about the nursery, or are interested in a place for your child, just fill out this form and we'll get back to you!

    More information about the nurseryTo register a child at the nursery for their first visitTo book a session for a child who has been to the nursery before

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    Umbrella Housing Service

    Are you looking for somewhere to live?

    The Umbrella Housing Service can help.

    We have 195 one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom properties in different areas of Hull which are available for women and children needing homes.

    You don't need a deposit or a bond and you can stay in the property as long as you need to.

    Rents are set at affordable rent levels which means that your Local Housing Allowance will cover at least most of the cost.

    Each property is safe and secure and is located close to a school and other local amenities.

    Complete the referral form on this page or call us on  01482  790310 if you would like to apply for a house

    We are still taking housing applications during the Covid 19 crisis - call us or contact us via the form on this page for more information.


    Do you have a property to let?

    Due to the large amount of women needing accommodation in the city, this service has now been developed to allow private landlords to let their properties through us. We can offer a management service to private landlords for a competitive fee – sourcing and interviewing prospective tenants and handling all queries, rent collection, repairs and support needs.

    Our void rates are consistent at less than half of one percent each year (0.5% per annum) and we can often fill your property on the same day it is vacated.

    If you are looking for opportunities for ethical investment, please get in touch. With £12,000 to invest, you could realise up to a 12% return after tax as well as provide a much needed home to a family in need.

    If you would like any further information about this service or if you would be interested in our management service then please contact us on 01482 790310.

    For information on ethical investment, please e-mail

    Housing Service

      Do you need somewhere to live? Just fill out this form and we'll get back to you!

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      We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters to keep our doors open.

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      Are you interested in learning something new?

      Would you like to take a course in a friendly environment where your children can be looked after in our on-site Nursery?

      Preston Road Women’s Centre offers a range of accredited and non-accredited courses.  We are a recognized learning centre for the National Open College Network (NOCN) and our courses generally run over 5 weeks, one day per week.  Crèche facilities are available for some of the courses; please contact the centre for more details.

      Alternatively you can fill in our training booking form, where you will be added to a waiting list for the course of your choice.  Courses are delivered term time and alternated frequently.  Our courses are popular, so you may not be invited to attend straight away, please be patient, we promise we will get to you as soon as possible.  Invitations are likely to be issued 2 weeks prior to a course start date.

      Click here to go to the booking form

      Find below our list of core courses.  These are completed over a 5 to 6 week period and for our online delivery will be supported by online video sessions with your course tutor.

      Volunteer Training

      You will develop an awareness of women’s issues and learn about confidentiality policies. Upon completion of the course you may become a volunteer at the centre and develop essential skills. This is an accredited module available at Level 2.

      Understanding Abusive Relationships (Domestic Violence)

      An interesting course which looks at Domestic Violence and Abuse, it covers Power and Control and the reasons/excuses for abuse. This is also an accredited module available at Level 2/3.

      Self Development & Confidence

      Course Looks at how you treat others and how people treat you, aims to improve your self-worth and self esteem. It also builds up your confidence. Accredited module at Level 2.

      Applying for Work and Interview Skills

      A course to build confidence to gain employment giving you the tools to look for and apply for work, increasing your chances of gaining employment.  This course is also accredited at Level 2.

      Independent Living Skills: Women's Tenancy Course

      A course designed to explore the concepts of empowerment and independence, self-sufficiency, your rights as a tenant and community within the context of being a female tenant.

      **Below is a list of our shorter one day courses.

      Self-Esteem v Confidence

      This course takes a closer look at the concepts of Self-Esteem and Confidence and allows learners to explore their definition, how to build them and what impacts negatively on both.  At the end you will have a set of tools that you can draw from to strengthen both.

      Wellbeing Today

      This course takes a look at the concepts of stress and improving overall wellbeing.  Learners will explore how stress affects the body and why a holistic approach is important.  On finishing the course you will have a host of tools to use to help minimize stress and improve overall wellbeing.

      What is Feminism?

      In this bite-size course, learners will have an introduction to the concept of Feminism.  Learners will explore the definition and assumptions made about Feminism, the history and the impact.  On finishing the course learners will have a theoretical base knowledge of the subject matter.

      Developing Your Cultural Intelligence

      In an increasing global community, it is important now more than ever to develop key understanding between different communities.  On this course leaners will explore the concepts of culture and diversity, the impact on the community and the benefits of building your cultural intelligence.

      Arts and Crafts (Mondays only)

      Our warm and welcoming arts and crafts group currently runs every Monday morning during term time.  Guests will have the opportunity to chat and have tea and coffee whilst engaging in various craft activities.  Minimum donation of £2 per session required.

      Please be aware that in keeping with Covid 19 restrictions, if you are positive or showing symptoms please do not attend the centre and call to let us know.


      Click here to go to the booking form

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      Girlz Only Project – Young Women

      The Young Women’s Project which has become fondly know as Girlz Only is now in it’s fourth year of funding from BBC Children In Need. Although the project has changed and evolved, the ethos remains the same and we strive to;

      • Work with girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 18 to find their voices in relation to their life experiences, support others through Peer Mentoring and influence practice and policy locally in relation to children and young people.
      • Work with girls and young women who have experienced violence and abuse to help them identify their own strengths and skills and to build their confidence so that they are enabled to reach their true potential. This includes the witnessing of abuse within the family home or within their own intimate relationships.
      • Work with young women in abusive relationships to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse and encourage one to one support to help them escape from and recover from domestic abuse.

      We take self-referrals as well as referrals from family, friends and professionals. We will meet to offer support in a place and at a time where the young woman feels safe and comfortable, this may be at school/college, at a youth centre or a children’s centre. We can help with advice and information or provide longer term planned work. We aim to improve safety, raise self-esteem and aspirations and reduce risk. If a young woman does not feel confident, we can advocate on her behalf as well as referring on to other projects and agencies if needed.

      A 15-year-old girl said “since I’ve started working with the project, things have got better. She helped me understand and make sense of what has happened in the past. She lets me lead the session and say what I need to say”

      Another 15-year-old girl said that the sessions “built up her confidence more than anything”.

      If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, you can contact us on the number or email below. It may be that you know someone who can no longer see her friends and is told what to wear. She may have her social media checked and be frightened.


      Call/text:     07854 471667/01482 790310

      Whats App: 07854 471667

      The Girlz Only Project provides a safe space for girls aged 10-16 on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm-6:30pm. These sessions are held at the centre during term time and school holidays. The sessions are “young women led” which means the participants get to decide on the activities that they do. These include pamper nights, cooking, baking, games, talent shows and arts and crafts.

      For more information please contact or call/text 07854 471667

      The Girlz Only Project also provides opportunities for young women to be involved in group work through the Peer Mentoring sessions. We have delivered these in partnership with other Youth Projects and they run several times per year. These sessions aim to give young women the skills and confidence to support their peers in their emotional wellbeing around unhealthy relationships. A 17 year old said recently that “I feel that if anybody around me needed help, I’d feel much better to give advice”

      Young Women Contact Form

        If you would like to get in touch with us, please complete the form on this page and we will contact you.

        How would you prefer us to contact you?

        Phone callTextEmail

        Telephone Number to Call:
        Mobile Number to Text:
        Email Address:

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        Affordable Justice


        Affordable Justice is a Family Law service based at the women’s centre on Preston Road – the first one of its kind in the country.

        The service is still operating during the Covid 19 crisis, with most consultations taking place over the phone or Skype and court proceedings also happening over the phone.

        We want to ensure that women can access legal advice and representation by offering affordably-priced, non-profit making legal services, provided by qualified solicitors who are experts in this field. You do not have to live in Hull to access this service. Our hourly rate is £82/hour plus VAT. We can help you with payment plans or to access your local Credit Union. Our Affordable Justice service is led by Sue Sedgwick, a Hull solicitor experienced in family law. Sue and her team can help you with:

        • Divorce, Separation, Cohabitation – resolution of relationship breakdown
        • Non-molestation orders to provide some personal protection for you and/or your children.
        • Occupation Orders to regulate who lives at the family home, to help you and your children to live in safety.
        • Representation in Proceedings concerning child arrangements.
        • Specific Issue Orders – for example for the return of a child who has been forcibly removed.
        • Prohibited Steps Orders – for example to stop the other party from removing the child from the care of the Applicant.

        While legal proceedings are underway, we are also able to support you and your family with our other services, including domestic violence support, safe housing and nursery provision. You don’t need to come to the Women’s Centre – the team can meet you in a location convenient to you.

        For more information visit the website at, call us on 711003 or complete the form below.

          DivorceSeparationChildren arrangement

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          Domestic Violence Support Service

          Are you having trouble with your partner?

          If you are having problems in your relationship and you feel you may be experiencing abuse, our team is here to help.

          We are still operating during the Covid 19 crisis - if you need us please call us on 01482 790310 or use the contact form on this page

          Some of the types of behaviour which are unacceptable include:

          • Physical violence or aggression
          • Name-calling and consistently running you down
          • Humiliating you in front of other people
          • Rape or unwanted sexual advances or behaviour
          • Preventing you from seeing friends and family
          • Threatening to hurt you or your children
          • Not letting you have any money or making you account for every penny you spend

          If you feel your partner is trying to control you, you may want to talk to us about it

          The information below describes some of the things we can do to help.

          Our Domestic Abuse Support Team offers support to women who are affected directly or indirectly by issues of domestic abuse. We are able to offer support to women with complex needs which may include but is not limited to:

          • Substance misuse
          • Mental health
          • Disabilities and Learning Disabilities
          • Black and minority ethnic service users (including asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers)

          These workers have developed links with other services that work directly with these groups of women to ensure a smooth referral process, when needed, between the services. We can meet women in other safe venues if women are not able or feeling confident or ready to access the Purple House. Workers can also access the services of interpreters should this be needed by any service user.

          We support women in various ways, we have some properties that are managed by the Women’s Centre, we can refer women fleeing a domestic violent situation to these properties, we have good links with housing providers and private landlords that we can also refer women to whilst writing support letters to help improve their chances of being re-housed safely and appropriately. The support provision can continue after a woman has moved into the property to ensure that they are managing their tenancy well and feel supported in what could be a very difficult time.

          We work with women and children to plan a safe escape and this can also include ensuring that family pets are properly accommodated and cared for. Often the perpetrator will abuse the family pet as a means of control against the women and children, and will threaten to kill the pet if the woman does not stay in the relationship. The animal has often lived through the abuse, and provided comfort to the women and children and the emotional bond between family and animal means that it would be additional trauma to leave the animal behind, as well as dangerous for that animal.

          We also provide other practical support; contacting Housing & Council Tax Benefits, tax credits, utility companies and other services. Alongside of this we can support women to attend police, GP, solicitor appointments and other services they may need to attend, providing an advocacy service.

          For some women it is about having somewhere to go where they feel that they can just talk and be listened to without being judged, we aim to provide a safe forum for this to happen and provide emotional support and hopefully a space for any women that feel they need this.

          Outreach support can be offered throughout the city as well:

          Please contact us on:

          01482 790310 to talk through accessing support

          Domestic Violence Contact Form

            If you would like to get in touch with us, please complete the form on this page and we will contact you.

            How would you prefer us to contact you?

            Phone callTextEmail

            Telephone Number to Call:
            Mobile Number to Text:
            Email Address:

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